Keep Track of Listings

Build your listing inventory and capture relevant details including property information, tasks and source. Advanced search functionality ensures you’ll never lose track of a deal again!

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All your contacts in one place

Buyers, Sellers, Lawyers, title & escrow companies, iBroker helps keep you organized so you never waste time looking for a contact again. Linking transactions to other organizations and individuals also allows you to see everyone involved in a deal you did yesterday or last year.

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Convert Listings to Transactions

Just sold another listing? Excellent! Simply set the listing status to sold, enter the final price and convert a listing to a transaction with one click. iBroker will fill in the all the information so you don’t have to waste any time.

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Commission Calculations

Here’s what you’re going to need: a clean notebook, a scientific calculator, a spreadsheet, a whiteboard, 2 accountants and 3 lawyers…or you can just get iBroker. Create fees and custom commission plans to fit any situation and iBroker does the rest. Simple, clean, no mistakes.

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Team Fees

Do your agents work as a team? No problem. iBroker’s team setup allows for groups of agents to work together towards achieving that next tier on their commission structure.

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