Clear, Concise Financial Postings

Finance can be a confusing process that seems to demand constant attention. General Ledger postings need to be perfectly accurate to reflect how money flows in your business. Let iBroker do the heavy lifting so you can have full confidence that every penny will be accounted for.

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Simplify your A/R

Agents paying a bill? Commission coming in? Post your deposits as they come in to track all income to your business and iBroker will log all journal entries, complete with transaction information, paving the way for you to pay your agents, referrals and keep your cut.

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Easy Commissions Payments

So you made your deposits and your accounts are looking great. Now it’s time to pay up! iBroker will automatically calculate distributions and separate payments to other parties. Need to print a check? No problem! Just setup once and hit print.

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Stress Free Agent Billing

Preparing agent billing every month can be a tedious, time consuming process. Enter iBroker, with a powerful agent billing feature that let’s you setup your recurring and single charges in minutes and generate your invoices with a click of a button. Outstanding charges? iBroker offers the option of deducting agent expenses directly from their next commission check!

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Reporting: Knowledge is Power

Make informed decisions about your business by leveraging our comprehensive reporting. Who’s at risk of not paying their agent billing? Who’s producing? Who’s not producing? Who’s close to hitting their next tier on their commission structure?

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